Therapeutic Classes

Making Strides Therapy offers therapeutic nature-based classes to provide structured, supported learning opportunities for participants. The classes are planned and facilitated by licensed Occupational Therapists to meet the needs of the group.

Farm Friends
Farm Friends is a social skills class that brings kids, animals, and nature together for hands-on learning experiences. Through planned activities on the farm, participants will develop skills that can be applied in various social situations and life settings. Classes include direct instruction and nature-based activities during which participants can apply social skills and self-regulation skills while working with peers. Favorite activities include grooming the horses, feeding the goats and harvesting the garden. Elementary, Teen and 18+ classes are available.

Frequency: 60 minute class once per week
Cost: $105 per class

Spring term
Dates: March 13 - June 2 (12 weeks)

Summer term
Dates: June 12 - August 31 (12 weeks)

Fall term
Date: Sept. 11 - Nov. 30 (12 weeks)

Individual classes are also available upon request.

Please contact Jill at or complete this form for more information about registering for classes.